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Africa's Emerging Nuclear Nations*

AfSB Staff

According to the World Nuclear Association, an umbrella group for individuals and organizations in the nuclear profession, the use of nuclear power to generate electricity is “under serious consideration” in 12 African countries: Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia, and Uganda. Recent moves in these nations demonstrate just how serious they are about going nuclear.







Announced in May 2013 that it plans to build its first nuclear plant in 2015. 




Announced late in 2013 that construction of a 1,000 MW light-water reactor to generate electricity at El-Debaa, 120 kilometers west of Alexandria—the first of four planned in the country—would go ahead.




Considering a bill to establish a nuclear regulatory body, a prerequisite for operating a nuclear power plant. 




Moving forward with plans to build a nuclear power plant by 2025.




Discussions of nuclear energy as a serious policy option are under way. Already has a stockpile of concentrated (yellowcake) uranium.    




Developing plans to go nuclear by 2020.




Committed to a policy position of supplying its own electricity from nuclear power. Already a major producer of uranium.




Two of four sites selected for nuclear power plants are being evaluated. Construction was envisaged from 2014, with first power by 2020.  




Interest is on the rebound after plans to build what would have been the first African nuclear power plant outside of South Africa were scrapped following a meltdown at a nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011.




Plans are under way to build a nuclear reactor and its first nuclear power plant by 2020.




Evaluating the possibility of building a 600 MWe nuclear plant by 2020.  




Set an energy production target to see nuclear energy become part of its national grid by 2050. Signed a five-year agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency in May 2014 for safe application nuclear technologies.

* South Africa already has an operating nuclear power program and is not considered an “emerging” nuclear nation. Pictured above: Koeberg nulcear power station near Cape Town, South Africa. 


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