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Content Providing

Let AfricaStrictlyBusiness.com’s team of specialists provide you with essential Africa-focused content for your target audience.     

Our writers, editors, copyeditors, graphic artists and videographers are professionals who will provide you with branded, up-to-date, high quality material in the right tone of voice to stimulate the interest of your particular client and/or audience interest. Our writers carry out extensive research before completing each project to ensure the accuracy of the information they provide.

We provide Africa-related content that can be used for:

* Articles in print publications

* Video and audio broadcast 

* Company web sites

* Blogs

* Briefings

* Bulletins

* Newsletters

* Sponsored email blasts


Upon request, AfricaStrictlyBusiness.com grants permission to reprint and e-print articles for such uses as academic study; executive training; marketing, sales and promotional campaigns. E-prints, in PDF format, may be used on a website to establish credibility.


Contact Us

For more information, or to speak with a member of our Services team, contact us at services@AfricaStrictlyBusiness.com.